In the Far North West of New Zealand, the climate is warm and very wet in Winter. The forests are rich with life and complex - more so than other parts of New Zealand. They are strikingly beautiful.

The land left in forest tends to be very rugged, thus too tough for people to farm. Most of these areas are dying because of invasive pests like possums, rats, stoats, goats and wild cats.

The possums kill the trees. The rats eat the birds’ eggs and baby birds. The stoats kill the Kiwi. The goats eat the ground cover and kill the trees. The wild cats eat the birds and Kiwi.

For the last 6 years we’ve been working to try and restore one of the forests. It is a 300 acre area of rugged and tough landscape which had most of the birdlife gone, undergrowth stripped and hundreds of trees were like skeletons, with no leaves left.

After the work we’ve put in, the forest has staged a comeback. There’s many birds now including endangered Kiwi. The undergrowth of the forest has come back and most of the skeletal trees have recovered and now bloom with life.

Recently we’ve opened it up for tourists so other people can come and enjoy this beautiful native forest. By the way, who are we? We’re a married couple Roger and Sachie.

Ruru is the Maori word for New Zealand’s native owl. There are many Ruru in this Forest. The picture on the front page is one we came across while out walking during the day. They often come around the camp at dusk and you usually hear many Ruru calls at night.

What we’re trying to achieve with this website is give people a chance to enjoy the forest through eco tours and sustainable native forest products. In that way, we think it will be easier to look after the forest long-term.