Medicinal plants

Some of the plants in the forest can help people with serious medical conditions. We've been working on an R&D project studying one plant. That work has been with partners in industry, scientists and government.

There are some other medicinal plants with known efficacy that could really help people. The challenge sometimes is not do they work, but how can you sustainably get enough of it for commercial use, which is where our expertise with the forest comes in.

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Timber Recovery

When we find dead trees in the forest, that are still in good condition and high-value timber, we can get a Ministry of Primary Industries permit to recover the timber. Recently we recovered a large Rimu, choppered it out of the forest and custom-cut it for one of New Zealand's top furniture manufacturers.

Currently we have 2 large standing dead Totara already permitted, ready to recover. If you have a project requiring a luxury New Zealand hardwood like Totara, why not give us a call (029 639 7483). Totara is beautiful timber. It can be used in buildings, for furniture, in outdoor projects. We estimate we've 10 cubic metres of heart wood recoverable.

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