Day Trips

Lift your spirits with a day out in the forest. Guided day trip through the untracked forest with expert guides. A range of enjoyable activities, based on your choice. Birdwataching, wild orchid hunting, trekking through ancient trees, tasting wild food, seeing native fish in crystal clear streams, examining forest fungi, try your hand at the conservation work we do or you can learn about the trees and plants.

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Deep Forest Camp

You can stay 1 to 3 nights in the forest at a camp setup a kilometre in. Guided tour. At night you usually hear Ruru (native owls) calling all around you, and you often see them. You may hear New Zealand's icon bird the Kiwi calling each other across the forest. Enjoy eating out in the forest with tasty food and drinks, and be close to nature as you sleep in the camp. By day, enjoy the activities.

It is a subtropical forest and a beautiful environment to be in, very relaxing and enjoyable. Be at one with nature.

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You can do what you like as activities. These are some of things we enjoy, and visitors to the forest we’ve had really like.

Grandfather of the Forest

Trek to see what will be the biggest Totara Tree most people will see in their life. It’s likely to be over a thousand years old. We’d rate the trek a 6 out of 10 for difficulty, level of enjoyment ooh, aahh.


New Zealand’s birds are unique. In a big forest the way you find them is by following their calls. Come with us to enjoy a day (or night) of spotting New Zealand’s beautiful native birds.

Forest Gourmet

There’s actually quite a lot to eat in New Zealand’s forests – if you know what to look for. We can take you on a forest food tour. Summer and Autumn are the best times of year for the forest gourmet, when the berries are out.

Crayfish Hunter

In the streams, almost invisible to the naked eye, are the New Zealand native freshwater crayfish. Come out and hunt for them and catch some. As we are a conservation forest we have a catch and release policy. Sorry!

Orchid Obsessive

One of our team, Sachie, is obsessive about orchids. She’s found 18 different types of native orchid in this forest. If you’re orchid obsessive you’ll love a day out with her.

Guardian of the Stream

Come and meet a rare New Zealand longfin eel (with blue eyes). She likes to be fed. Bring some food along and enjoy spending some time with our guardian of the stream.

Forestman (or woman)

Spend a day doing conservation work with an expert – trapping pests, find invasive weeds, looking for new finds. It’s hard work, but at the end of it you will have contributed and learned about what it takes to be a forest conservator in New Zealand.

Pururi Giant Legs

One of New Zealand’s beautiful trees is the Pururi. Come for an easy walk – you don’t have to be fit – and a meet a giant Pururi Tree, with enormous roots, like giant legs standing under the tree.

Tree Guru

If you’d like to learn about New Zealand native trees we can take you round and show you how to identify them and let you know some of the folklore and facts about the different trees.